Thursday, November 4, 2010

Congratulations to the Cooper Cougars

I just want to take this first blog I write and send out a huge congratulations to the Abilene Cooper Cougars! From the coaching staff to the players themselves, you have all done an awesome job! Re-entering the 5A district as presumed 'under dogs', the entire team should be very proud of their accomplishments this 2010 season. As a repetitive phrase, the Cooper Cougars have said it, lived it, and shown it...."There is no "i" in Team!" And you definitely do not need the lime-light to prove how great you are. Many Junior Varsity players are looking up to each and every one of you Varsity players. For that, you have become teachers and have given guidance into the next generation of Varsity players. My son being one of those JV players (B team). I cannot count how many times he has come home and discussing his experience with Varsity.

I want to thank each and every Varsity Cougar player and coaching staff. Many of the younger generation players do not have that one on one opportunity, so what the Varsity and coaching staff give them is worth more than the weight on gold. I thank you for your time, attention, patience, devotion, loyalty, and responsibility you have shared.

Sincerely - A very grateful mom!

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